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Planet EDGE


Planet EDGEPlanet EDGE

Product Information

섀시 AL-KO inertial brake, AL-KO high-load outrigger, AL-KO Jackie wheel, AL-KO 3004K safety coupler, ATC (posture controller)
바디 Awning rail (4,000mm), aluminum compressing panel, aluminum bottom finish, front toolbox, front tempered glass window, dual acrylic window including front/rear/side blinds and mosquito screen, European-style door (window, blinds, optional litter box, safety locking device), locks, auxiliary braking light, outboard showerhead attached with detachable cold/hot water supply, outboard storage door
주거공간 Birch furniture, steel handle locking devices, highly functional fabric couch, material lumber folding table, slide bed frame, diesel floor heating, hot water and hot-air system (Ebers), closet, inboard sensor lighting, LED roof vent 700x500
전력장치 European-style 13-pin connector, Hafele interior LED lighting, 220V power connection receptacle, 12V/220V inboard receptacle, reading light, Fairstone (220V -> 12V charger), 50A charger & 2 kW sinewave integrated inverter
수도 Water-supplying compressed pump, manual storage water bin
주방 Dometic 2-stage fridge, single-port induction oven, Dometic sink bowl (glass cover, stainless steel sink), large storage closet, worktop, condiment tray drawer
욕실 Cassette toilet, showerhead set, faucet, artificial marble tabletop, lavatory vent, dual acrylic window including blinds and mosquito screen
특전 Incoming line, door foothold, fire extinguisher, ratchet handle, Aqua Cam Blue, multi-leveler, W-Caravan keyring, label, leather portfolio
※ 상시 사양은 제조사의 사정에 따라 예고없이 변동될 수 있습니다.
※ 차량가격에는 부가가치세 및 등록대행비가 포함되어 있으며, 취득세는 별도로 잔금과 함께 정산합니다.
※ 카라반/ 캠핑카 구입자금 1금융권 대출가능
액슬 1800kg
전장(실외/실내) 6890 / 5500mm
전폭(실외/실내) 2330/ 2250mm
전고(실외/실내) 2730 / 1990mm
타이어 15”
무상 A/S 2 years
면허 여부 License for small trailer required

Product Layout

  • 공차중량1500kg
  • 취침가능 인원5 persons
  • 침대사이즈1250*1900 / 1850*2250

Product View

Inside View

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Outside View

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